Seminar Startup

Let us help you grow your business with an aggressive direct response marketing strategy.


Strategic Marketers helped a start up offering $28,000 coaching packages bring in $32 million in less than 10 months. The total Facebook ad spend was $2,380,039.


The Challenge

Take an unknown coach. Develop a hard to refuse offer. And tailor the ads to tap the fears, frustrations and desires of the hungry market.

The Goal

Build a sustainable marketing probram that paid for itself many times over.

The Creative Solution

We first ran market tests to find a scalable campaign. When we got the cost per seminar registration as low as $12 a head, we rolled the
campaign out, steadily increasing the volume.


The client brought in $32 million in coaching fees in just 10 months. And the cost per registration is so low, they now operate nationwide with 4 sales teams simultaneously conducting seminars all over the U.S.

$32 Million  Revenue In Just 10 Months 

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