Humble Bundle

Let us help you grow your business with an aggressive direct response marketing strategy. is a gaming website delivering subscribers a curated bundle of games every month. Their growth was awarded by being acquired in Oct. 2017 by IGN Entertainment Inc.


The Challenge

Ashar Alam and his Strategic Marketers team were asked to help lower the cost per new subscriber

The Goal

Strategic Marketers goal then became to better attract potential subscribers with more relevant messaging and refined demographic and psychographic targeting... resulting in lower cost per monthly subscriber.

The Creative Solution

Strategic Marketers uncovered 3 targeting groups and expanded the reach for potential new subscribers.

Strategic Marketers created Long Image Posts for Facebook and launched the promotion with Facebook Live.


 Humble Bundle dropped their cost per conversion by 95%. Plus their volume increased exponentially

95% Lower Cost Per Lead 

From The Client

"Ashar and his team stunned us with how much they were able to lower our new subscriber costs. Well done!"

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